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Power Onboarding provides practical, easy-to-use tools to guide an individual who is transitioning to a new job. Students will prepare an actionable personal onboarding plan that will set them up for success in their new role. Research has shown that an actively followed power onboarding plan will allow an individual to reach proficiency in a new position up to 30% faster than the typical transitioning manager. In this course, students will develop their own onboarding plan, allowing them to contribute sooner and be eligible for promotion earlier. In this newly revised format, learners can complete the course in no more than 7 hours, with approximately 2 hours dedicated to creating a personalized power onboarding plan. We have a suggested 4 week schedule to help you stay on track, but we recognize that everyone has different learning styles so we've added flexibility so you can complete the entire course in one or two sittings. This course has benefited tremendously from the feedback and advice we have received since the launch in the Fall of 2014. A recent survey shows: 1) 67% of participants are very likely to recommend the course to a friend, and the remaining 33% being somewhat likely 2) 80% of participants found the workload the same or lower than what they expected. We are enthusiastic about these findings and we know that you will find this course valuable and worthwhile as well!

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SESSION ONE: Getting Started
Introduction to the course and the personal onboarding plan

SESSION TWO: Get Ready, Part 1
Assessing your emotional intelligence 
Utilizing your feedback

SESSION THREE: Get Ready, Part 2 & Get Set, Part 1
Identifying and assessing your team 
Visualizing your new environment
Updating your image

SESSION FOUR: Get Set, Part 2
Researching your organization
Meeting with your new manager

Managing first impressions
Transferring your skills

SESSION SIX: Go!, Part 2
Establishing early wins
Bonding with new affinities



William J. White
Industrial Engineering & Management Science



Northwestern University

L'université Northwestern (en anglais : Northwestern University) est une université américaine située à Evanston (juste au nord de la ville de Chicago), dans l'État de l'Illinois aux États-Unis. Elle est l'une des universités les plus prestigieuses du monde, en particulier pour le journalisme, l'économie et le théâtre. L'université comprend deux campus, l'un sur le territoire de la ville d'Evanston (le campus principal), l'autre dans le centre-ville de Chicago.




Coursera - это цифровая компания, предлагающая массовые открытые онлайн-курсы, основанные учителями компьютеров Эндрю Нгом и Стэнфордским университетом Дафни Коллер, расположенные в Маунтин-Вью, штат Калифорния.

Coursera работает с ведущими университетами и организациями, чтобы сделать некоторые из своих курсов доступными в Интернете, и предлагает курсы по многим предметам, включая: физику, инженерию, гуманитарные науки, медицину, биологию, социальные науки, математику, бизнес, информатику, цифровой маркетинг, науку о данных и другие предметы.

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