Foundation of Structural Dynamics

Foundation of Structural Dynamics

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Detalhes do curso

Programa de Estudos

WEEK 1: Dynamics?
Let's get together to the roots of physics. In the beginning, it was dynamics. And dynamics originates all the trunks of the tree of physics. That's the reason why we now analyze the principle of equivalence which allows passing from statics to dynamics.

WEEK 2: Newton!
Shock and vibration, the heart of dynamics. To fulfill this ambitious program let's dive together into Newton's apple. And let's discover that actually, this free-fall system has revolutionized our vision of physics. So much so this single scientific publication is probably the most cited in the history of science.

WEEK 3: The force is with us.
To link the cause of motion and motions themselves, it is necessary to parameterize the forces by common denominators i.e. the energies. This bridge is essential to pass from Newton's apple to the real structures. Thus this week constitutes a fundamental transition.

WEEK 4: The light side of the force.
Some motions occur in the conservative domain, which means that they oscillate, orbit, and circulate in a "perfect" way which is represented by the rails of potential energy. In fact, most of the structures work this way in a first approach. And that's the reason why structural analysis is possible with real modes to represent any structural motion with an excellent approximation (~1%).

General assessment


Knowledge of point physics, matrix mathematics, linear algebra and basic definition of solid statics will be particularly helpful.


Yves Gourinat
Full professor (ISAE-SUPAERO - Toulouse University) Physics of Structures & Biodynamics. Chair of Aerospace Structures Advanced Master


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