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The Yield Curve is one of the most closely scrutinized indicators in the world of finance. Whether you’re managing your own personal portfolio or sitting at a bond trading desk on Wall Street, an understanding of Yield Curve Analysis is essential for delivering returns rather than losses. And, with a Fed interest rate hike imminent, there has never been a more urgent time to learn how the Yield Curve affects your investments.

This course, designed as an intensive introduction to the Yield Curve and the U.S. Federal Reserve, will allow you to understand the impact of interest rates on the economy, the marketplace, and most importantly, your assets. With an understanding of this powerful decision-making tool, you will be far better prepared to protect your portfolio from the ephemeral nature of Fed policy. Additionally, for those in finance-facing positions, such as Corporate Treasurer or Comptroller, Yield Curve Analysis will give you valuable context as you work with investment bankers and other external finance personnel to understand the status of your organization’s assets.

Lastly, for those pursuing a career in finance, particularly as a Fixed Income Analyst, Bond Trader, or Economic Analyst, this course will give you a head start on an essential knowledge area for your job function. Best of all, upon successful completion of the course, you will receive an accredited Professional Certificate, backed by the 93 year history of the New York Institute of Finance. With your resume bearing this certificate and the knowledge it implies, you will have a significant advantage as you seek employment in the finance industry.

Don’t wait for the Fed to raise interest rates – Enroll in Yield Curve Analysis today, develop this essential skillset, and get the certificate to prove it!

"After this course, I know how the new US Treasury products work for my portfolio."
– Chief Dealer, Head of Treasury – Bank BNI

“I gained more knowledge that I can apply to daily work and real life scenarios.”
– Bond Desk Manager – Banco de Reservas

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  • Overview of the Treasury Yield Curve and the role it plays as a benchmarking and forecasting tool
  • Role and structure of the Federal Reserve and the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC)
  • Relationship between the Federal Reserve and the Repurchase Agreement
  • Introduction to the concept of duration and convexity and its impact on a portfolio
  • An understanding of active and passive trading strategies


  • William Addiss (aka Bill Addiss)



EdX est une plateforme d'apprentissage en ligne (dite FLOT ou MOOC). Elle héberge et met gratuitement à disposition des cours en ligne de niveau universitaire à travers le monde entier. Elle mène également des recherches sur l'apprentissage en ligne et la façon dont les utilisateurs utilisent celle-ci. Elle est à but non lucratif et la plateforme utilise un logiciel open source.

EdX a été fondée par le Massachusetts Institute of Technology et par l'université Harvard en mai 2012. En 2014, environ 50 écoles, associations et organisations internationales offrent ou projettent d'offrir des cours sur EdX. En juillet 2014, elle avait plus de 2,5 millions d'utilisateurs suivant plus de 200 cours en ligne.

Les deux universités américaines qui financent la plateforme ont investi 60 millions USD dans son développement. La plateforme France Université Numérique utilise la technologie openedX, supportée par Google.

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