Valuing Companies
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This course is a theoretically sound and practical exposure to valuation. As the final course of the Specialization, it will be useful to anyone in executing or critically evaluating company analyses conducted by experts. We have put together everything you have learned in the first three courses, modified frameworks and first applied them to carefully crafted real world situations (or mini-cases), and then presented you with a capstone project to value one of the most well-known companies of the past three decades. This Capstone Project will make you appreciate how finance is both a science and an art form.

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  • Week 1 - Overview of Specialization & Course
    This module contains detailed videos and syllabi of both the Specialization and this course. This specialization has been designed to enable you to learn and apply the powerful tools of modern finance to both personal and professional situations. The courses w...
  • Week 1 - Module 1
    The first module will focus on the analyses involved in making the most common decision confronted by anyone: a choice between alternative projects. This is a very important part of decision-making within any entity.
  • Week 2 - Module 2
    The second module of this course will modify the frameworks introduced in the entire specialization to value companies, where a company is essentially a complex collection of “projects.”
  • Week 3 - Module 3
    Module 3 contains a mega example of valuation showcasing the application of alternative methods and preparing you for the real world and for the Capstone Course 5 if you are interested in a Specialization Certificate.
  • Week 4 - Module 4
    This a "bonus" module to introduce you some fundamental valuation issues in a global context. All videos contain examples and applications, but there are no assignments and assessments for this module.
  • Week 5 - Module 5
    This week will be spent on a short wrap up video of the course and time for assimilation and review by learners to be prepared to take the final exams. In the past, learners have really valued this time and hence it is built into this new structure/platform as...
  • Week 6 - Module 6
    This is finals week. Please note there are two finals that cover materials of Modules 1 - 3, and you need to attempt both.


Gautam Kaul
Professor of Finance & Fred M. Taylor Professor of Business Administration
Ross School of Business



University of Michigan

密歇根大学(UM,UMich 或简称密歇根)是一所公立研究型大学,位于美国密歇根州安阿伯市。该大学成立于 1817 年,是密歇根州历史最悠久、规模最大的大学。





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