Retrieve Data Using SQL

Retrieve Data Using SQL

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Confirmation of resource completion may take up to 24 hours for this editor.

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  • Represent data using the relational model
    • Get the most out of this course
    • Discover the concept of the relation
    • Identify a key in a relation
    • Choose a primary key among candidate keys
    • Create links between your relations using foreign keys
    • Identify and reconfigure a redundant table
    • Create an association table
    • Test your knowledge on the relational model
  • Manipulate data using relational algebra operations
    • Filter a relation using projection and restriction
    • Combine relations using set operators
    • Combine two relations using the cartesian product operation
    • Link relations using joins
    • Aggregate rows in a table
    • Understand the importance of keys for joins
    • Test your knowledge on relational algebra operations
  • Execute simple SQL queries
    • Set up your work environment
    • Create a table with keys
    • Execute queries with SELECT, FROM, and WHERE clauses
    • Execute a union, a difference, and an intersection
    • Join tables with the JOIN clause
    • Aggregate your data using GROUP BY
    • Get Some Practice Executing Simple SQL Queries
  • Execute advanced SELECT Queries
    • Sort your data using ORDER BY
    • Improve your aggregations using HAVING
    • Search character strings using LIKE
    • Nest queries using IN, ALL, ANY, and EXISTS
    • Understand window functions using OVER and PARTITION BY
    • Get Some Practice Executing Advanced SQL Queries




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