Managing My Investments

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Research shows that UK households are poor at investment management with a limited understanding of investment choices, risks and returns. The resultant ‘savings gap’ threatens a scenario where many cannot afford to retire.

Elsewhere households fail to plan properly, to make their investment choices fit with their risk appetites and the time horizons for access to their funds . Managing My Investments aims to give you the tools to avoid these personal finance nightmares.

Understand investment choices, risks and returns

On this free online course, you’ll learn about different investment choices, the returns and risks associated with each, and the evidence about their historical performance. You’ll explore investment strategies, as well as the practicalities about involvement in personal finance markets. And you’ll look at how to avoid the individual and group behavioural traits that can impair effective investment decision making .

Throughout, the course will provide recent and current case studies on investment issues, to demonstrate how the ideas and issues explored in the course are reflected in the arena of personal investments.

The course is up-to-date and covers the current reforms to UK pensions due to be rolled out in 2015 – changes that will radically alter the way many people will use their pension savings as they move into retirement .

Managing My Investments aims to give you the knowledge and confidence to take charge of your investments and your financial future.




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开放大学是一所英国公立大学,成立于 1969 年。它是英国唯一一所远程教育大学。其总部位于白金汉郡的米尔顿凯恩斯,但设有 13 个地区中心。该大学授予学士学位、文凭和证书,以及硕士学位和博士学位。

2011 年,该校学生人数超过 25 万,是英国最大的教育机构1。大多数学生在英国,但也有超过 25000 名学生在欧洲、非洲和东亚学习。自建校以来,已有 300 多万名学生在此学习。2005 年,英国政府在英格兰、威尔士和北爱尔兰进行了一次全国学生调查,结果显示该校学生的满意度最高。


FutureLearn est une plate-forme d'apprentissage proposant des formations en ligne ouvertes à tous (MOOC)

Fondée en Décembre 2012, la société est entièrement détenue par l'Open University à Milton Keynes, en Angleterre.

Elle est la 1ère plateforme offrant des MOOC au Royaume-Uni, avec à son actif plus d'une cinquantaine d'universités partenaires provenant du Royaume Uni mais aussi du reste du monde.

FutureLearn se différencie également par des partenariats avec des entités non-universitaires comme le British Museum, le British Council, la British Library et la national Film and Television School.

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