Learn Programming With JavaScript

Learn Programming With JavaScript

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Confirmation of resource completion may take up to 24 hours for this editor.

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  • Use data and data types in JavaScript
    • Get the most out of this course
    • Declare variables and modify their values
    • Store your data with data types
    • Define objects and their attributes with classes
    • Manage complexity with the right collection
    • Part 1 summary
    • Check what you've learned about data and data types!
  • Manage program logic in JavaScript
    • Get your program started with the main function
    • Select the proper condition to control your program flow
    • Use the right loop to repeat tasks
    • Manage errors and exceptions within your program
    • Part 2 summary
    • Check what you've learned about program logic!
  • Write clean and maintainable JavaScript code
    • Understand parameters and return values
    • Take a closer look into methods: defining instance methods & fields
    • Write clean functions
    • Test that a function does what it says
    • Debug your function
    • Go recursive: calling functions within themselves
    • Part 3 summary
  • Congratulations!
    • Course summary




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