Learn How to Learn

Learn How to Learn

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Confirmation of resource completion may take up to 24 hours for this editor.

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  • Prepare Yourself to Learn
    • Get the Most Out of This Course
    • Why Learn How to Learn?
    • Reimagine Your Relationship With Learning
    • Explore Your Different Intelligences and Learning Styles
    • Adopt Useful and Inspiring Learning Principles
    • Adopt a Mindset That Encourages Learning
  • Define Your Learning Strategy
    • Define Your Strategic Goal
    • Analyze Your Strengths and Weaknesses
    • Identify Your Opportunities and Threats
    • Prioritize Your Study Subjects
    • Learn Autonomously
  • Create Your Personalized Learning Plan
    • Aim for the Right Level
    • Design Your Learning Plan
    • Choose Your Resources
    • Organize Your Schedule
    • Create Your Personalized Learning Plan
  • Maximize Your Learning
    • Manage Your Learning Environment
    • Accelerate Your Progress Through Active Learning
    • Boost Your Memory Using Mnemonics
    • Give Back to Your Community
    • Maximize Your Learning by Creating a Mind Map
    • Assess Yourself Continuously
    • Maximize Your Learning
  • Course Summary
    • Course Summary




Ross Hall


La mission d’OpenClassrooms est de rendre l’éducation accessible. Nous sommes une école 100% en ligne qui permet à des milliers d’individus partout dans le monde de développer leurs compétences professionnelles et de se former aux métiers de demain.

OpenClassrooms est entreprise à mission (loi Pacte) depuis 2018, et a obtenu la certification B Corp en 2021.

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