Introduction To Swift Programming

Introduction To Swift Programming

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  • Week 1 - Introductions and Getting Started
    Meet the teaching staff, get oriented to the platform, set up your work environment and get ready to program! We wish to remind you from the start that to take part in this course (and the full specialization) it is required to have Mac computer and, though no...
  • Week 2 - Swift Basics
    In this module we will introduce the basic concepts of Swift. To begin you will learn variable declaration, different types, and program control mechanisms. Here we start to build the foundation of iOS app development with Swift. We hope you enjoy the journey.
  • Week 3 - Advanced Swift
    This unit continues with further exploration of swift programming. Building on our current skill set we will work with Classes, Structs, Enums, Protocols, and object-oriented principles.
  • Week 4 - Image Processing In Swift
    In this module we will wrap up with lessons targeting advanced examples in Swift. We’ll look at a detailed example of an image filter which will allow us to manipulate pixels and create filter effects (such as change contrast).
  • Week 5 - Final Peer Assignment
    You did it! You've come to the end of this first course. We sum up with a capstone peer assessment assignment where you will create your own filter and demonstrate what you've learned over these weeks. Please read the instructions carefully, and have fun!
  • Week 5 - OPTIONAL - Swift vs Objective C
    OPTIONAL - In this module we compare some of the differences between Swift and Objective C programming languages. Join us as we migrate those of you familiar with Objective C to the world of Swift. Hopefully you find programming in Swift fast, easy and interac...




Parham Aarabi
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


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Coursera是一家数字公司,提供由位于加利福尼亚州山景城的计算机教师Andrew Ng和达芙妮科勒斯坦福大学创建的大型开放式在线课程。

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此内容评级为 4.5/5
此内容评级为 4.5/5