Data Visualization and Communication with Tableau
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One of the skills that characterizes great business data analysts is the ability to communicate practical implications of quantitative analyses to any kind of audience member. Even the most sophisticated statistical analyses are not useful to a business if they do not lead to actionable advice, or if the answers to those business questions are not conveyed in a way that non-technical people can understand. In this course you will learn how to become a master at communicating business-relevant implications of data analyses. By the end, you will know how to structure your data analysis projects to ensure the fruits of your hard labor yield results for your stakeholders. You will also know how to streamline your analyses and highlight their implications efficiently using visualizations in Tableau, the most popular visualization program in the business world. Using other Tableau features, you will be able to make effective visualizations that harness the human brain’s innate perceptual and cognitive tendencies to convey conclusions directly and clearly. Finally, you will be practiced in designing and persuasively presenting business “data stories” that use these visualizations, capitalizing on business-tested methods and design principles.

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  • Week 1 - About this Specialization and Course

    The Coursera Specialization: Excel to MySQL: Analytic Techniques for Business, is about how 'Big Data' interacts with business, and how to use data analytics to create value ...

  • Week 1 - Asking The "Right Questions"
    Welcome! This week, you will learn how data analysts ask the right questions to ensure project success. By the end of this week, you will be able to:

    • Craft the right questions to ensure your analysis projects succeed
    • Leverage questions to d...
    • Week 2 - Data Visualization with Tableau
      Welcome to week 2! This week you'll install Tableau Desktop to learn how visualizing data helps you figure out what your data mean efficiently, and in the process of doing so, helps you narrow in on what factors you should take into consideration in your stati...
    • Week 3 - Dynamic Data Manipulation and Presentation in Tableau
      Welcome to week 3! This week you'll continue learning how to use Tableau to answer data analysis questions. You will learn how to use Tableau to both find, and eventually communicate answers to business questions. You'll learn about the process of elicitation,...
    • Week 4 - Your Communication Toolbox: Visualizations, Logic, and Stories
      Welcome to week 4! This week you will become a master at getting people to agree with your data-driven business recommendations as you learn to deliver a compelling business presentation. You’ll learn about the insight from the intersection of visualization s...
    • Week 5 - Final Project
      Welcome to week 5! This week you will complete your final project. This assignment requires you to submit a recording of yourself giving a 4-5 minute presentation in which you present a data-driven business process change proposal to Dognition company manageme...


Daniel Egger
Executive in Residence and Director, Center for Quantitative Modeling
Pratt School of Engineering, Duke University

Jana Schaich Borg
Assistant Research Professor
Social Science Research Institute



Duke University
Duke University has about 13,000 undergraduate and graduate students and a world-class faculty helping to expand the frontiers of knowledge. The university has a strong commitment to applying knowledge in service to society, both near its North Carolina campus and around the world.



Coursera是一家数字公司,提供由位于加利福尼亚州山景城的计算机教师Andrew Ng和达芙妮科勒斯坦福大学创建的大型开放式在线课程。

Coursera与顶尖大学和组织合作,在线提供一些课程,并提供许多科目的课程,包括:物理,工程,人文,医学,生物学,社会科学,数学,商业,计算机科学,数字营销,数据科学 和其他科目。

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