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This course is a short introduction to the rich and distinctive world of Australian literature, a world of ancient and modern forms of writing about a vast and varied continent. Explore the work of writers who have responded imaginatively to the unique landscapes of Australia and to its remarkable human history.

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Week 1            literature & country

Lesson 1

Lecture 1.1 intro: literature & country (course details)

Lecture 1.2 literature & country (Tim Winton and different coasts)

Lecture 1.3 literature & country (D. H. Lawrence, Kangaroo)

Lesson 2

Lecture 1.4 Central Australia (intro to Hermannsburg & T. G. H. Strehlow)

Lecture 1.5 Central Australia (Songs of Central Australia)

Lecture 1.6 Northern Australia (‘Little Eva at Moonlight Creek’ song cycle)

Lesson 3

Lecture 1.7 Sydney (Farm Cove, Watkin Tench)

Lecture 1.8 Sydney (Barron Field)

Lecture 1.9 Sydney (Charles Harpur)


Week 2           crime & punishment

Lesson 1

Lecture 2.1 intro: crime & punishment (Australia as Hell)

Lecture 2.2 crime & punishment (‘Moreton Bay’)

Lecture 2.3 crime & punishment ('A Convict's Tour to Hell')

Lesson 2

Lecture 2.4 intro: crime & punishment (Port Arthur, Tasmania)

Lecture 2.5 crime & punishment (Marcus Clarke, For the Term of His Natural Life)

Lecture 2.6 crime & punishment (Richard Flanagan, Gould's Book of Fish)

Lesson 3

Lecture 2.7 crime & punishment (Ned Kelly, 'Jerilderie Letter')

Lecture 2.8 crime & punishment (Peter Carey, True History of the Kelly Gang)

Lecture 2.9 crime & punishment (Peter Temple, The Broken Shore)


Week 3           explorers, frontier & settlement

Lesson 1

Lecture 3.1 intro: explorers, legends, frontier

Lecture 3.2 explorers (Ludwig Leichhardt in literature)

Lecture 3.3  explorers (interlude, discussion)

Lesson 2

Lecture 3.4 explorers (Patrick White, Voss and the literary classic)

Lecture 3.5 explorers (Patrick White, Voss)

Lecture 3.6 explorers (Patrick White, Voss)

Lesson 3

Lecture 3.7 frontier & settlement

Lecture 3.8 frontier & settlement (David Malouf, Remembering Babylon)

Lecture 3.9 frontier & settlement (Kim Scott, That Deadman Dance)

Week 4           home & away

Lesson 1

Lecture 4.1 intro: home & away (A. D. Hope, ‘Australia’)

Lecture 4.2 home & away (Richardson, The Fortunes of Richard Mahony, colonial times)

Lecture 4.3 home & away (Martin Boyd, The Cardboard Crown, Anglo-Australian families)

Lesson 2

Lecture 4.4 home & away (Judith Wright, the Moonbi Range)

Lecture 4.5 home & away (Judith Wright’s New England)

Lecture 4.6 home & away (Judith Wright, pastoralism and ecology)

Lesson 3

Lecture 4.7 home & away (Christina Stead and expatriate life)

Lecture 4.8 home & away (Christina Stead, ‘Sea People,' For Love Alone)

Lecture 4.9 home & away (Christina Stead, ‘Sea People,' For Love Alone)


Week 5

Lesson 1

Lecture 5.1 summary, assignments etc.

Lecture/discussion 5.2 summary-discussion Philip Mead and Claire Jones                             


Week 6

Assignments due & peer assessed




  • Claire Jones - English and Cultural Studies
  • Philip Mead - English and Cultural Studies


University of Western Australia
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