Foundations of Teaching for Learning Capstone: The Reflective Practitioner

Foundations of Teaching for Learning Capstone: The Reflective Practitioner

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Week 1 – Introductionand Review phase: Review some of thekey ideas from previous courses in order to choose one idea you would like towork on further. Understand what ismeant by reflection-in-action and reflection-on-action and how it appliesto the everyday work of the teacher in the classroom. With the one idea you have chosen, consider how you might takeforward and refine that idea, as you apply the reflection-in-action model to it.

Week 2 – PracticalTask Creation: Draw on key learnings and apply new reflective models, soas to create a lesson plan for peer assessment. Assess peer lesson plans usinga new assessment rubric.

Week 3 – Evaluationphase: Evaluate what is good and what is challenging using the reflection-in-action model. Undertaketasks and activities drawing on your portfolio and new knowledge gained.

Week 4 – Reflection-on-actionphase: Revisit and makechanges to your first peer assessment (based on your peer evaluated lessonplan). Submit your assignment and updated lesson plan for feedback and markingby Course Instructors. Network and collaborate with peers to complete the courseand discover 'where to from here'.




Professor John MacBeath
Professor Emeritus
University of Cambridge, UK

Alex Alexandrou


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