法与社会 Law and Society

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第一周  通过日常生活观察法律现象
  1  交通秩序与法治化程度
  2  醉驾入刑的多角度透视
   3  法律、社会规范以及舆论
  4  正式规则与非正式规则的互动

第二周  社会科学视野中的规则与审判
   1  法律行为的基本模式
  2  规则实施的强制与合意
  3  审判过程中的利益衡量
  4  判决的预测以及法律的实效性

第三周  中国秩序原理的诠释
 1  韦伯的中国法律观:巫术之园
  2  对韦伯叙事的批判性分析
  3  昂格尔的中国法律观:二元结构
  4  在分形动态中修正昂格尔的图式

第四周  作为复杂系统的制度设计
  1  科层管理与平面交涉
  2  探索均衡点:以合意减少强制的成本
  3  围绕判决的互动和关系秩序
  4  在事实与规范之间寻找公正

第五周  诉讼的道德化与技术化
  1  彭宇案的蝴蝶效应
  2  公平责任原则与法官的裁量权
  3  一个判决引起的社会冷漠
   4  法律可以强行道德吗?

第六周  追问法律的正当性
  1  法律现象折射出的道德变化
  2  公德、私德以及法律实证主义
  3  自然法复兴运动与法律内在道德标准
  4  法律与道德之间关系的重构

第七周  司法改革的过去、现在以及未来
   1  作为法制发展突破口的司法改革
   2  程序与责任的结合:案件流程管理制度
   3  排除法官裁量权的尝试:电脑量刑
   4  司法监督的逻辑:舆论审判

第八周  社会主义法治国家的形状
   1  市场经济和多元社会必然要求法治秩序
  2  从应然与调整的角度重新认识法律与审判
   3  关于制度改革的顶层设计
   4  落实法治理念的驱动装置

Course Syllabus

Week 1   LegalPhenomena through the Lens of Daily Life

1.        TrafficOrder and Legalisation

2.        MultiplePerspectives on Criminalising the Act of Drunken Driving

3.        Law,Social Norms and Public Opinions

4.        The Interactionbetween Formal and Informal Rules

Week 2   Rules andAdjudication from Social Sciences Perspectives

1.        ABasic Model of Legal Action

2.        Coercionand Consent in Implementing Rules

3.        InterestsBalancing in Adjudication

4.        Predictionof Verdicts and the Efficiency of Law

Week 3   AnInterpretation of the Principles in the Chinese Law and Order

1.        TheWeberian Idea of the Chinese Law: Sorcery

2.        ACritical Analysis of Weber’s Narrative

3.        Unger’sNotion of the Chinese Law: a Dual Structure

4.        Revisingthe Ungerian Schema

Week 4   TheInstitutional Design of a Complex System

1.        Bureaucracyand Horizontal Administration

2.        Exploringthe Equilibrium Point: to Avoid Costly Coercion by Consent

3.        Verdict-OrientedInteraction and the Order of Relations

4.        SeekingJustice between Facts and Norms

Week 5   IncreasinglyMoralised and Technical Litigation

1.        TheButterfly Effect of the Pengyu Case

2.        ThePrinciple of Fairness and Accountability and Judicial Discretion

3.        AVerdict as the Cause of Social Indifference

4.        Canthe Law be Forced to Become Morality?

Week 6   TheLegitimacy of Law

1.        MoralChanges behind Legal Events

2.        Publicand Private Morality and Legal Positivism

3.        TheResurrection of the Law-of-Nature and the Inherent Moral Standards of Law

4.        Reconstructingthe Law-Morality Relation

Week 7   The Past,Present and Future of Judicial Reform

1.        JudicialReform as a Means of Achieving Legal Breakthroughs

2.        Procedure-and-Accountability-in-One:the Process Management of Cases

3.        Nulla peona sine computer: Attempts to Eliminate Judicial Discretion

4.        TheLogic of Judicial Supervision: Trial by Public Opinions

Week 8   The StatusQuo of Socialist Rechtstaat

1.        TheRule of Law as a Must for Market Economy and Social Multiculturalism

2.        Re-examiningLaw and Judiciary through the Perspectives of Ought and Adjustment

3.        TheTop-Tier Design of Institutional Reform

4.        TheIncentive Scheme for Concretising the Rule-of-law Idea





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