Surviving Disruptive Technologies

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1. Survival: a simple model of the incumbent’sdilemma of how to respond to a potentially disruptive technology .
Kodak misses its moment: the story of Kodak andhow, after inventing the digital camera, it failed to understand how it and theInternet changed the process of capturing and sharing images.
3. Blockbuster vs Netflix.  How could a leading company fail to respondto a clearly defined threat from a new competitor?
Borders: was the company asleep when Amazon came along and disrupted book sales,publishing and reading?
5. The three amigos: what can we learn from Kodak,Borders and Blockbuster as a group of failed companies?
Can I borrow your paper?   How the Internet has savaged one of ouroldest types of media leading to the slow death of newspapers.
7. Books and Publishers:  trying to maintain two business models atonce.
Education: the industry that moves at a glacialpace faces radical innovation from non-profits to Coursera.
9. Dictators: probably not a promising occupationgiven social media-how the Arab spring changed a profession.
Risky business-are innovations in technologyencouraging us to engage in too much risky business?
11. Moving things: will the USPS disappear?  How can it compete with UPS and FedEx?
Some survivors: a few have managed to incorporate disruptive technologies into theirlives and to flourish, at least for now.
13.  Danger ahead: what new disruptions are on thehorizon and who will be disrupted?
Strategies for survival: suggestions on  how to deal with disruptive technologies andturn them into a successful innovation




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