Introduction to Quantum Optics

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Semiclassical Light-Atom Interaction
  • Introduction, Overview of classical, semiclassical and q.m. models
  • Interaction Hamiltonian of charged particle with e.m. field
  • Time Dependent Perturbation Theory
  • Transition Rates
  • Fermi-Golden Rule
  • Two-level atom
  • Oscillationg dipoles
  • Bloch sphere
  • Density Operator - Density Matrix
  • Optical Bloch Equations
  • Rabi Frequency, Saturation Parameter, Spontaneous Decay
  • Lineshape in Fluorescence - Saturation Broadening
  • Lambert-Beer Law
  • Bloch Vector
  • Ramsey Method
  • Mach Zehnder Interferometer

Quantization of the Electromagnetic Field
  • Quantized Modes
  • Recap: Quantum Mechanics of Harmonic Oscillator
  • Ladder Operators, Number Operator
  • Quadrature Operators
  • Quantization of the EM Field
  • Hamiltonian of Radiation Field
  • Energy of Vacuum State
  • Fock States
  • Coherent States
  • Squeezed States, Thermal States
  • Planck's Black Body Radiation Formula

Beam Splitters and Interferometers
  • Beam Splitter
  • Classical description of beam splitter
  • QM description of beam splitter
  • Quantized Mach Zehnder Interferometer
  • Homodyne / Heterodyne Detection

Quantized Light-Atom Interaction
  • Interaction Hamiltonian
  • Jaynes Cummings Hamiltonian
  • Quantum Rabi Oscillations
  • Vacuum Rabi Oscillations, Collapse & Revivals

Elements of Cavity QED
  • Optical Cavities
  • Microwave Cavities and Rydberg Atoms
  • Seeing a Photon Without Destroying it
  • Rabi Oscillations in Dressed State Picture




  • - Faculty of Physics
  • Immanuel Bloch - Faculty of Physics


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