What a Plant Knows (and other things you didn’t know about plants)

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Week 1 - Introduction: 
Why we study plants, plant influence on evolution of the Earth.

Week 2 - 
What a Plant Sees: 
Over view of human vision, plant responses to light, Darwin and phototropism, phytochrome and flowering and modern research.

Week 3 - 
What a Plant Smells: 
Over view of human olfaction, Introduction to the plant cell and membranes, ethylene and fruit ripening, Cuscuta and plants smelling plants, Baldwin's experiments and plant olfactory communication.

Week 4 - What a Plant Feels: 
Over view of human physical sensory mechanisms, Venus fly trap, plant responses to shaking, Do plants hear?

Week 5 - How a Plant Knows Where it is: 
Overview human proprioception, Early experiments in gravitropism, root structure and the gravi-sensing mechanism, phototropism and discovery of auxin, gravitropism in space.

Week 6 - What a Plant Remembers: 
Overview of the human memory, electrical memory and Venus Fly trap, epigenetics and long-term memory.

Week 7 - The Aware Plant: 
Theoretical discussion on the definition of memory and consciousness and a quick examination of "intelligence".




  • Daniel Chamovitz - Director, Manna Center for Plant Biosciences


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This content is rated 4.7556 out of 5
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This content is rated 4.7556 out of 5
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