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Linux professionals are in high demand with >50K open jobs today. 97% of hiring managers want Linux talent because Linux is the #1 Internet, Cloud, mobile and CE OS.

Show employers you have the skills and the knowledge to be a top sysadmin with the Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator (LFCS).

This Linux course is for those just starting their career in IT as well as professionals with experience on other operating systems who want to add Linux to their portfolio.

This sysadmin course will help you develop the fundamental skills that employers look for in entry level Linux System Administrators by focusing heavily on hands-on practice via nearly 100 lab exercises.

Entry level certification is the best way for candidates who are new to Linux to show their capability. After finishing the course on edX, learners will be able to register for LFCS Exam for free. You will then have 12 months to complete the exam from registration date. You can also take advantage of a free exam retake, if needed.

Topics covered in the course include:

  • System startup and kernel basics
  • Working with disks and filesystems
  • Process management and system monitoring
  • Package management systems
  • User and Group permissions
  • Security and authentication
  • Network addresses and devices
  • Troubleshooting and system rescue

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Everything you need to know to successfully pass the Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator exam. See chart below describing how the subjects in this course match up with the questions in the LFCS exam.

  • Edit text files on the command line
  • Manipulate text files from the command line
  • Archive and compress files and directories
  • Assemble partitions as LVM devices
  • Configure swap partitions
  • File attributes
  • Find files on the filesystem
  • Format filesystems
  • Mount filesystems automatically at boot time
  • Mount networked filesystems
  • Partition storage devices
  • Troubleshoot filesystem issues
  • Create backups
  • Create local user groups
  • Manage file permissions
  • Manage fstab entries
  • Manage local users accounts
  • Manage the startup process and related services
  • Manage user accounts
  • Manage user account attributes
  • Manage user processes
  • Restore backed up data
  • Set file permissions and ownership
  • Access the root account
  • Use sudo to manage access to the root account
  • Write basic bash shell scripts
  • Install software packages



EdX est une plateforme d'apprentissage en ligne (dite FLOT ou MOOC). Elle héberge et met gratuitement à disposition des cours en ligne de niveau universitaire à travers le monde entier. Elle mène également des recherches sur l'apprentissage en ligne et la façon dont les utilisateurs utilisent celle-ci. Elle est à but non lucratif et la plateforme utilise un logiciel open source.

EdX a été fondée par le Massachusetts Institute of Technology et par l'université Harvard en mai 2012. En 2014, environ 50 écoles, associations et organisations internationales offrent ou projettent d'offrir des cours sur EdX. En juillet 2014, elle avait plus de 2,5 millions d'utilisateurs suivant plus de 200 cours en ligne.

Les deux universités américaines qui financent la plateforme ont investi 60 millions USD dans son développement. La plateforme France Université Numérique utilise la technologie openedX, supportée par Google.

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