Linear Algebra Refresher Course

Linear Algebra Refresher Course

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Lesson 1: Vectors

You will begin by learning about the basic operations on vectors (one of the fundamental objects of study in linear algebra). You will code a library of functions to perform operations on vectors that you will use in later lessons.

Lesson 2: Intersections

You will learn the geometric and algebraic interpretation of intersections of "flat" objects such as lines and planes and how they are used to solve real-world problems. You will also write your own algorithm to find the intersections of sets of lines and planes.




  • Chris Pryby - Chris Pryby is a Course Developer for the Georgia Tech Online Master's Degree program and is passionate about working to build the future of online education. He has bachelor's degrees from UGA in mathematics and computer science and a doctorate in mathematics from Georgia Tech. Chris has also been active in martial arts since 2011, and he holds a first-degree black belt in hapkido.


Udacity est une entreprise fondé par Sebastian Thrun, David Stavens, et Mike Sokolsky offrant cours en ligne ouvert et massif.

Selon Thrun, l'origine du nom Udacity vient de la volonté de l'entreprise d'être "audacieux pour vous, l'étudiant ". Bien que Udacity se concentrait à l'origine sur une offre de cours universitaires, la plateforme se concentre désormais plus sur de formations destinés aux professionnels.

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