Latino Popular Culture for the Clueless

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Episode One : Latinos and the Space Time Continuum
  • History, Geography, and Latinos as "Aliens" in popular culture
Episode Two : Zoot Suits & Lowriders
  • How style in clothing and cars express a counterculture
Episode Three : Fiesta Time
  • How music, dance, traditions like Dia de los Muertos express a Latino identity
Episode Four : Mucha Lucha
  • The history of Latinos in sports such as Wrestling and the NFL
Episode Five : So You Want to Be a Latino/a?
  • Issues of gender and power within and outside of the Latino community
Episode Six : Portrayals and Betrayals
  • Latino stereotypes in mainstream media
Episode Seven : Locura lo cura
  • The importance of medicine and laughter in Latino culture




  • Frederick Aldama - College of Arts and Sciences
  • Paloma Martinez-Cruz - College of Arts and Sciences


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