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The Introduction to Data Science class will survey the foundational topics in data science, namely: * Data Manipulation * Data Analysis with Statistics and Machine Learning * Data Communication with Information Visualization * Data at Scale -- Working with Big Data The class will focus on breadth and present the topics briefly instead of focusing on a single topic in depth. This will give you the opportunity to sample and apply the basic techniques of data science. This course is also a part of our Data Analyst Nanodegree.

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Lesson 1: Introduction to Data Science

- Introduction to Data Science - What is a Data Scientist - Pi-Chaun (Data Scientist @ Google): What is Data Science? - Gabor (Data Scientist @ Twitter): What is Data Science? - Problems Solved by Data Science - Pandas - Dataframes - Create a New Dataframe

Lesson 2: Data Wrangling

- What is Data Wrangling? - Acquiring Data - Common Data Formats - What are Relational Databases? - Aadhaar Data - Aadhaar Data and Relational Databases - Introduction to Databases Schemas - API’s - Data in JSON Format - How to Access an API efficiently - Missing Values - Easy Imputation - Impute using Linear Regression - Tip of the Imputation Iceberg

Lesson 3: Data Analysis

- Statistical Rigor - Kurt (Data Scientist @ Twitter) - Why is Stats Useful? - Introduction to Normal Distribution - T Test - Welch T Test - Non-Parametric Tests - Non-Normal Data - Stats vs. Machine Learning - Different Types of Machine Learning - Prediction with Regression - Cost Function - How to Minimize Cost Function - Coefficients of Determination

Lesson 4: Data Visualization

- Effective Information Visualization - Napoleon's March on Russia - Don (Principal Data Scientist @ AT&T): Communicating Findings - Rishiraj (Principal Data Scientist @ AT&T): Communicating Findings Well - Visual Encodings - Perception of Visual Cues - Plotting in Python - Data Scales - Visualizing Time Series Data

Lesson 5: MapReduce

- Big Data and MapReduce - Basics of MapReduce - Mapper - Reducer - MapReduce with Aadhaar Data - MapReduce with Subway Data


  • Dave Holtz - Dave Holtz is currently a data scientist at Airbnb. Before Airbnb, he was formerly a data science engineer at Yub, the world's first online-to-offline affiliate network, and he also worked as a product manager and data scientist at TrialPay. Dave holds an M.A. in physics and astronomy from the Johns Hopkins University and a B.A. in physics from Princeton University. In addition to data science, Dave is passionate about cosmology, smart cities, music, theater, and improv comedy.



Udacity est une entreprise fondé par Sebastian Thrun, David Stavens, et Mike Sokolsky offrant cours en ligne ouvert et massif.

Selon Thrun, l'origine du nom Udacity vient de la volonté de l'entreprise d'être "audacieux pour vous, l'étudiant ". Bien que Udacity se concentrait à l'origine sur une offre de cours universitaires, la plateforme se concentre désormais plus sur de formations destinés aux professionnels.

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