Economic Growth and Distributive Justice Part II - Maximize Social Wellbeing

Economic Growth and Distributive Justice Part II - Maximize Social Wellbeing

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  • Week 1 - The Excess Burden of Taxation
    Dear students, The first half of the course is behind us, and there's one more half to go. We hope you are enjoying yourselves! In the previous class, we focused on the equity side of the equity-efficiency tradeoff, learning how to measure inequality and pove...
  • Week 2 - Tax Incidence: Who Bears the Economic Burden of a Tax?
    Dear students, This week we will learn how market forces determine who bears the economic burden of a tax. We will follow various classic examples and see how this happens - often in an unintuitive manner, which may be contrary to the legislator’s intention. ...
  • Week 3 - Progressivity: Definition and Ways to Achieve
    Dear students, This week's lecture is all about progressivity. We will learn about the difference between MARGINAL and EFFECTIVE tax rates, how progressivity can be achieved, and how the transfer side of the system (e.g. welfare benefits) can create steep mar...
  • Week 4 - Low Income, Low Ability and the Optimal Income Tax Model
    Dear students, This week's lecture will continue our discussion about progressivity. In this second part of the lesson we will begin studying the OPTIMAL INCOME TAX MODEL, in our search for the tax and transfer system that would maximize social wellbeing. Bes...
  • Week 5 - Designing the Tax and Transfer System that Maximizes Social Wellbeing
    Dear students, Time goes by, as always, and here we are, in our last week of the course 'Economic Growth and Distributive Justice'. We hope that by now you have all acquired sufficient knowledge and understanding in the various issues taught by Prof. Margalio...




Professor Yoram Y. Margalioth
The Buchmann Faculty of Law


Tel Aviv University (TAU) is Israel's largest institution of higher learning – with over 30,000 students and more than 125 schools and departments in nine faculties. Global in outlook and impact, it is consistently ranked among the world's top 100 universities, as well as the top 20 institutions in terms of scientific citations. A spirit of openness and innovation is evident in all of TAU's teaching and research activities, breaking down barriers between disciplines, and boldly striving to address the twenty-first century's most pressing challenges.


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