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The growth of technology in everyday life cannot be ignored, with everything available at your fingertips. With growing customer demands, businesses must adapt new technologies, independent of the industry or size of the business.

To avoid disruption, businesses need to digitally transform immediately. Leaders need to accept the need for change and support changes to ensure the transformation is a success. Digitally transforming a business can allow businesses to effectively transform existing business and capitalize on new opportunities.

In this course, you’ll learn how to master the Digital Transformation including how cloud computing, devices, data and networks play important roles. You’ll also hear real-life examples from businesses who have successfully completed their digital transformation.

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Week 1:

In the first week, we'll start with a definition of digital transformation and disruption and what it means for your business. Then we will focus on the challenges and key elements of digital transformation. At the end of the first week we are going to show you how cloud is the primary driver for change.

Week 2:

In week 2, we will cover the four different building blocks that digital transformation consists of, which are namely Cloud, Mobile, Data and Networks. Furthermore, we will explain the role of leadership in mastering change and how it could be impactful for you.

Week 3:

In the third week, we are going to look at how different industries are adopting digital transformation and what other industries can learn from the front runners. Moreover, we will explain the balancing act between “Running the company” and “Changing – Innovating the company” - with technology as a fundamental driver to stay competitive. In the last part, we will look at IT as a driving force for digital transformation.

Week 4:

Digital transformation is not something to be left for the future. In fact, quite a number of businesses have already begun their successful transformation. In the final course week 4, we will provide you a few examples of how digital transformation was done right. Finally, we will wrap up the course and give an outlook.



Sven Denecken
Sven Denecken is SAP’s Global Vice President for Customer and Partner Strategy Cloud Solutions.

Sven Denecken assesses customer and market requirements and supports SAP’s cloud strategy. Through co-innovation projects he uncovers key trends and establishes best practices in the application of new technologies.
His long experience of working with customers, partners, and the SAP field organization enables him to bring client issues into the solution development process, thereby ensuring that our software solutions address customer needs and help them gain competitive advantage.
In his role, Sven is committed to supporting the company’s cloud strategy, aligning it closely with the SAP ecosystem and building sustainable business relationships.

Bert Schulze
Bert Schulze is a senior member of the SAP Cloud Global Customer & Market Strategy group. Before he joined the team Bert drove Customer Co-Innovation for SAP´s Cloud Business Unit in Europe.

In his role, Bert closely cooperates with customers and partners to assess market requirements and interweave with SAP´s Cloud Strategy and Portfolio. Bert´s profound experience in working with clients in different roles as Solution Architect, Business Developer and Head of International Sales teams help him to analyze and transfer market and client issues directly into the solution development process with the goal to help clients achieve competitive advantages based on requirement driven next generation software and services.



Open SAP

OpenSAP propose des cours MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) à toutes les personnes désireuses de se former aux dernières innovations de SAP et d'apprendre à survivre dans l'économie numérique. Les cours openSAP Enterprise MOOC reprennent les concepts éprouvés des salles de classe, y compris la ludification, et les forums de discussion pour interagir avec des pairs et experts, dans un format en ligne.

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