Let’s Learn Portuguese Language: Basic Conversation Skills
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Enhance your conversational skills in preparation for holiday or travel in Portuguese-speaking countries with this online course from Universiti Malaya.

Explore the fundamentals of Portuguese conversation
Building on the content covered in Let’s Learn Portuguese Language, this two-week course from the Universiti Malaya will further your understanding of more complex grammar and pronunciation and take your conversational skills to the next level.

Develop your understanding of Portuguese sentence construction
Using relatable scenarios and useful vocabulary, you’ll learn how to ask questions, introduce family members, and use the correct pronouns when talking about people.
With this knowledge, you’ll be able to broaden your conversational repertoire, helping to develop relationships and get to know people better on your travels.

Learn how to conjugate verbs and use the definite and indefinite article
On this course, you’ll delve into Portuguese grammar, and learn how to use regular and irregular verbs, possessives, and definite and indefinite articles correctly in various contexts.
With these skills, you’ll be able to avoid miscommunication and confidently strike up conversations in formal and informal situations.

Improve your Portuguese pronunciation
Using audio clips, videos, and allotted practice time, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to perfect your pronunciation.
You’ll finish this course having expanded your vocabulary and with a deeper understanding of Portuguese sentence construction. Equipped with a host of new phrases, you’ll have the skills and confidence to immerse yourself more fully in the exciting and vibrant culture of any Portuguese speaking country.

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This course is designed for those with an interest in learning the basics of Portuguese.

It is suitable for anyone wanting to learn Portuguese for personal interest or for professional development. This may include those working in travel and tourism, or business and industry in Portuguese speaking countries.


Programa de estudos

Week 1
Basic Portuguese Conversation

Week 2
Introducing Family Members: articles, possessive and demonstrative pronouns



Jamian Mohamad
Graduated with Master Degree in Modern Language Studies, Universiti Malaya and Master Degree in Portuguese Language and Culture: Foreign and Second Language (PLE/PL2), University of Lisbon, Portugal.




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