Internet of Things: Sensing and Actuation From Devices

Internet of Things: Sensing and Actuation From Devices

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Detalhes do curso

Programa de Estudos

  • Week 1 - Welcome
  • Week 1 - Course 3 Lecture series
    Before jumping into the lab section of this course, we would like to offer you a short lecture series. This lecture series will compliment everything you are about to do for the remainder of the course.
  • Week 1 - Terminology/Cheat Sheet (Beginner)
    In this course, you will see a lot of new words and acronyms you might not be familiar with. If you feel comfortable with your knowledge of tech terminology, feel free to skip these lessons since they will not affect the overall integrity of the course. If you...
  • Week 2 - GPIO Programming
    Hello everyone and welcome to GPIO Programming! In order for the DragonBoard™ 410c to interact with the world there has to be an interface between them. For the purpose of this project the GPIO interface will serve as a way to sense and interact with the envi...
  • Week 3 - Amplifier Build
    Time to build your very own amplifier! In order to interact with a wide variety of components, including many of the components that will be used throughout this course the voltage output from the DragonBoard™ 410c low speed expansion header will need to be am...
  • Week 3 - Stepper Motors
    We are all basically made of motors, not really, but most robots are! When working with robotics, motors among several other things are some of the most important components you will chose for a project. In this lesson we will compare a variety of different mo...
  • Week 4 - LED Block
    It was amazing when we turned our first LED on. What if we told you one was just the beginning! In this Module we will manipulate 8x8 LED matrices to execute a variety of custom schemes. We will program and build games, and digital displays that can be used fo...
  • Week 4 - Infrared Sensors
    Using sensors that work on the infrared spectrum we can send and receive information. With this knowledge we are ready to program/build a way to use this to our benefit. In this Module you will gain access to code that will allow you take tremendous steps forw...
  • Week 5 - Bluetooth Remote
    If you thought the IR remote module was fun, this will take your wireless control of the DragonBoard™ 410c to a whole new level. Here we will use multiple devices to communicate and control peripherals using Bluetooth. We will walk you through the steps we too...
  • Week 6 - DragonBoard™ 410c Monitoring and Control
    Its time to expand on what we did in Course 2! That being said, I am sure you all had a blast creating your server and checking the status of various components on your board. What if I told you we can use some of these ideas to also control peripherals on you...




Ganz Chockalingam
Principal Engineer
Qualcomm Institute of Calit2, UC, San Diego

Harinath Garudadri
Associate Research Scientist
Qualcomm Institute of Calit2, UC, San Diego


A Universidade da Califórnia em San Diego é uma universidade pública de investigação em San Diego, Califórnia. Fundada em 1960 perto do já existente Scripps Institution of Oceanography, a UC San Diego é o mais meridional dos dez campus da Universidade da Califórnia e oferece mais de 200 programas de graduação e pós-graduação, matriculando 33.096 alunos de graduação e 9.872 alunos de pós-graduação. 

A UC San Diego é considerada uma das melhores universidades do mundo. Várias publicações classificaram os Departamentos de Ciências Biológicas e Ciências da Computação da UC San Diego entre os 10 melhores do mundo.


A Coursera é uma empresa digital que oferece um curso on-line massivo e aberto, fundado pelos professores de computação Andrew Ng e Daphne Koller Stanford University, localizado em Mountain View, Califórnia.

O Coursera trabalha com as melhores universidades e organizações para disponibilizar alguns dos seus cursos on-line e oferece cursos em várias disciplinas, incluindo: física, engenharia, humanidades, medicina, biologia, ciências sociais, matemática, negócios, ciência da computação, marketing digital, ciência de dados. e outros assuntos.Cours

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