Assessment and Teaching of 21st Century Skills

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Detalhes do curso

Programa de Estudos

  • Week 1 - Why do we need 21st century skills, what are they?
    During our introduction week, we provide two Modules. Module 1 provides an overview of the course, and how assessment in it is structured. We have introduced some developmental aspects in our approach to assessment, which complements the summative approach use...
  • Week 2 - How to teach and assess Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS) as an example of a C21 skill
    In Module 3 we introduce collaborative problem solving (CPS), an example of a complex and relevant 21st century skill. We will explain the nature of CPS, describing in depth the underlying competencies involved in this skill. We will explain how we can take a ...
  • Week 3 - Assessing and reporting on the development of collaborative problem solving skills
    This week, in Module 4, you will be reviewing aspects of assessing students’ collaborative problem solving skills using a developmental approach. You will review a video of ICT tasks that the ATC21S team have created; and you will be prompted to think of ways...
  • Week 4 - Developmental teaching of collaborative problem solving
    In Week 4, Module 5 we discuss how individual and group differences can be managed in teaching CPS. We conduct interviews with a teacher, school leader and researcher on implementing the assessment and teaching of 21st century skills in schools. We also discus...
  • Week 5 - Knowing how to learn in a MOOC: another example of a C21 skill
    This week, in Module 6 we explore a further example of a C21 skill, and one that has particular relevance to participants in this course: the skill of knowing how to learn in a MOOC. We review the nature of MOOCs as a teaching environment, and why a MOOC dema...
  • Week 6 - Reflection and looking forward
    In this final week in Module 8, we ask you to reflect on your learning in the course, and particularly on the use of progressions and developmental thinking in the way C21 skills are taught and assessed. If you submitted an Assignment in Week 5, you will asses...




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Este conteúdo é classificado como 4.5 de 5
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Este conteúdo é classificado como 4.5 de 5
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