The power of listening
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William Ury explains how listening is the essential, and often overlooked, half of communication. His stories of candid conversations with presidents and business leaders provide us with impactful lessons, such as understanding the power of a human mind opening up. He asks us to join a listening revolution, and promises that if we all just listen a little bit more, we can transform any relationship

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William Ury

Cofounder of Harvard’s Program on Negotiation, is one of the world’s best-known and most influential experts on negotiation.

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Vraiment passionnant.

le 11 janvier 2019
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le 13 décembre 2018

Wawww i really appreciate William Ury'speech about listening, i agree with him when hi said listening can be a chain of reaction because when we listen before we act, this may prevent us from taking the wrong decisions.