Введение в Биоинформатику: Метагеномика (Introduction to Bioinformatics: Metagenomics)

Введение в Биоинформатику: Метагеномика (Introduction to Bioinformatics: Metagenomics)

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Détails du cours


  • Week 1 - Week 1 - Introduction (Введение)
    The first week of our course will be dedicated to an overview of metagenomics. You will learn what metagenomics studies are and why this field of study has gained popularity in the current times. You will get acquainted with the basic approaches of metagenomic...
  • Week 2 - Week 2 - Experimental Data (Экспериментальные данные)
    Welcome to the second week of our course! This week is dedicated to experimental metagenomic data. We start with metagenomic DNA (mDNA) isolation and go on to sequencing and analysis to understand what is so special about this type of data.
  • Week 3 - Week 3 - Analytical Approaches: 16s analysis (Аналитические подходы: анализ 16S)
    This week we are going to explain how the analysis of the 16S rRNA gene sequences helps evaluate microbial diversity in metagenomic communities. You will learn about the databases that store already existing 16S sequences, and will be introduced to the analyti...
  • Week 4 - Week 4 - Analytical Approaches: Binning (Аналитические подходы: биннинг)
    Welcome to the fourth week of the course. It will be devoted to binning. Don’t know what that is? Then you will be even more interested to discover what the basis of this analytical approach is and how it helps simplify the analysis of very complex metagenomic...
  • Week 5 - Week 5 - Analytical Approaches: Metagenomic Assembly
    This week we will be talking about assembly of metagenomes. Many of you are already familiar with the assembly of individual genomes and know that this is not an easy task to accomplish. Metagenomic assembly is even more complicated! But do not worry! It too i...
  • Week 6 - Week 6 - Analytical Approaches: Annotation and Metabolic Pathway Analysis (Аннотация и анализ метаболических путей)
    The sixth week is dedicated to the annotation of the produced metagenomic sequences and to the analysis of metabolic pathways.We have assembled all we could and now want to learn as much as possible about the biology of the metagenomic community we are studyin...
  • Week 7 - Week 7 - Metagenomic Project (Метагеномный проект)




Михаил Райко
Центр геномной биоинформатики им. Ф.Г.Добржанского

Екатерина Черняева
Центр геномной биоинформатики им. Ф.Г.Добржанского

Alla L Lapidus
Professor, Department of Cytology and Histology
Centre For Algorithmic Biotechnology

Павел Добрынин
Младший научный сотрудник
Центр геномной биоинформатики им. Ф.Г.Добржанского

Николай Вяххи


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