Testing with Agile
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En résumé

To deliver agile outcomes, you have to do more than implement an agile process; you have to create a culture of experimentation. It's this commitment to experimenting that's at the heart of today’s most successful implementations of agile. This course shows you how to integrate the practice of experimentation across concept testing, usability testing, functional testing, and continuous deployment. Basically, we’ll show you how to use experiments to answer these three big questions: Should we build it? (And then: Did it matter?) Is it usable? Did it break? We'll show you how to: - Translate your product’s strategic direction into a user-centric charter with lots of small, testable ideas - Test user motivation to make sure you’re building something that matters - Design and conduct usability testing (even without working software) - Use narrative collaboration to focus your testing - Integrate functional testing into a more continuous release flow This course is supported by the Batten Institute at UVA’s Darden School of Business. The Batten Institute’s mission is to improve the world through entrepreneurship and innovation: www.batteninstitute.org.

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Le programme

  • Week 1 - Should we build it? Did it matter?
    Ultimately, agile’s backbone is the substitution of observable results over the false certainty of elaborate plans. You’ve learned to avoid waste by validating problems/needs and user motivation before investing in software. Putting that testing into practice ...
  • Week 2 - Is it usable?
    The best products are tested for usability early and often, avoiding the destructive stress and uncertainty of a ‘big unveil’. In this module, we’ll look at how to diagnose, design and execute phase-appropriate user testing as a standard practice. Anyone can l...
  • Week 3 - Does it break?
    The practice of continuous delivery and the closely related DevOps movement are changing the way we build and release software. It wasn’t that long ago where 2-3 releases a year was considered standard. Large firms like Facebook now release new code twice a da...
  • Week 4 - Your Continuous Delivery
    You've learned about the continuous delivery pipeline and how to improve cycle time. In this module, you'll apply that learning to improve your own processes.

Les intervenants

Alex Cowan, Faculty & Batten Fellow
Darden School of Business


Le concepteur

The University of Virginia is distinctive among institutions of higher education. Founded by Thomas Jefferson in 1819, and located on a World Heritage site in Charlottesville, the University sustains the ideal of developing, through education, leaders who are well-prepared to help shape the future of the nation. The University is public, while nourished by the strong support of its alumni. It is also selective; the students who come here have been chosen because they show the exceptional promise Jefferson envisioned.

La plateforme

Coursera est une entreprise numérique proposant des formation en ligne ouverte à tous fondée par les professeurs d'informatique Andrew Ng et Daphne Koller de l'université Stanford, située à Mountain View, Californie.

Ce qui la différencie le plus des autres plateformes MOOC, c'est qu'elle travaille qu'avec les meilleures universités et organisations mondiales et diffuse leurs contenus sur le web.

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