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En résumé

This course will provide learners with an opportunity to explore the challenges, opportunities, and skills necessary to provide nursing care in rural areas.

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Le programme

Week 1: This week will be for introductions, and a discussion about rurality: what does it mean in your context, and how it is described in different countries.

Week 2: We will be looking at all the aspects of health that are experienced in rural communities, including geographic, economic, political, and social factors. 

Week 3: There are many ways in which culture affects health; we will be exploring the experience of Native Americans this week, and discussing the concepts of unconscious bias, cultural humility, and ethnography as tools for understanding how best to meet the health needs of rural populations.

Week 4: Performing a community assessment is an important tool to meet the needs of any population, but it is especially important for rural health care delivery.  This week we will reflect on the specific aspects of community assessment that are most relevant to the health of rural populations.

Week 5: With a community assessment in hand, you can begin the process of planning projects and interventions to improve the health of a rural population.  This week we will discuss the planning process, and how to ensure success by key stakeholders, and achievable and measurable outcomes.

Week 6:  Health care policy is frequently in the spotlight, as the cost of care skyrockets, amid concerns about ensuring the quality of that care.  We will explore the role of policy in the design and delivery of care in the rural environment, and what factors influence the development of health care policy. 

Week 7:  Technology is one of the many tools that can be used to improve the delivery of care to rural populations.  We will share insights from some of the innovative leaders in rural health care, and discuss ways to successfully integrate new strategies.

Week 8:  This will be our final week, and an opportunity to share the innovative strategies and unique ideas to improve health in rural areas that have been discovered by class participants while we've been on this journey together. 

Les intervenants

  • Van Roper - College of Nursing
  • Amy Levi - College of Nursing

Le concepteur

As New Mexico’s flagship institution, UNM is a place where cutting-edge research and creative endeavors flourish. We empower our students to lead in tackling complex societal challenges, offering an exceptional education inspired by vision, scholarship, and creativity. UNM’s distinctive campus environment blend of culture and cuisine, styles and stories, people, pursuits and panoramas.


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