Public Relations Campaigns

Public Relations Campaigns

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  • Week 1 - Introduction to Campaigns
    Welcome! In this section, I will be introducing you to Public Relations Campaigns. We will learn what Public Relations campaigns are, what a PR campaign looks like. Taking a historical stock-taking of campaigns, we will go on to grasp a flavor of campaigns fro...
  • Week 2 - Theories of Campaigns
    Now that we have had an overview of PR campaigns, let's explore some of the main theories of PR campaigns. We will learn about the role of theory as a conceptual map in guiding the development of campaigns. You will see how practical many of these theories are...
  • Week 3 - Campaign Design, Research, and Implementation
    A strong Public Relations Campaign is based on the systematic development of objectives, strategies, and tactics. In this section, we will learn about the key elements of PR Campaign strategy and the role of research in guiding effective strategy. We will stud...
  • Week 4 - Evaluation and Digital and Cultural Trends
    Every campaign must have a clear evaluation plan that tells the team and the management whether the campaign worked or not. In this section, we will learn about the various types of evaluation, and the ways in which we might put together these evaluation frame...




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