Heritage under Threat
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En résumé

In this course you will learn to articulate your own concepts about (threatened) heritage and that of others. What is your heritage? Who defines heritage? Why is heritage under threat? How can we protect heritage? WW1, WW2, Cold war politics and contemporary conflicts as well as continuing political and socio-economic inequalities and colonial pasts are all factors playing a role in the global heritage discussions and approaches to (or lack of ) valorization and protection of heritage. Hence, issues behind destruction or threats to heritage are related to complex issues, often connected to complex landscapes of wars, the war-on-terror, fundamentalism, migration, global warming, financial crises, inequality and diverse interests of local communities. This course, sponsored by the LDE Centre for Global Heritage and Development and the Honours Academy of Leiden University, and the Netherlands Commission for UNESCO gave its support to one of the sections of the MOOC, will explore these issues. We wish to engage global communities and widen the perspective on threatened heritage. You can help us with this.

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Le programme

  • Week 1 - Welcome to this course
    Great that you are joining us! In this course you will learn about your heritage and how you can preserve it. Before you start with studying we invite you to first go through our introduction module and introduce yourself in the forum to meet your fellow learn...
  • Week 1 - What is your heritage?
    Hi everybody and welcome to the first module of this MOOC! We have an exciting course prepared for you, with a large variety of topics to be discussed. Some of which can become quite technical, but are necessary in order for you to understand the frameworks we...
  • Week 2 - Heritage and inequality
    Hi everybody welcome to the second module! Last week we talked about the concept of heritage and how heritage can be very personal. This week we will dive into how heritage is actually defined, both within the field of (archaeological) heritage management, as ...
  • Week 3 - Heritage, communities and ownership
    Hi everybody welcome to the third module!Last week we talked about the definition of heritage and how this can sometimes invoke inequality. This week we will discuss the role of communities and the impact of heritage ownership. Please watch the video's we have...
  • Week 4 - Heritage threats
    Hi all! Welcome to the fourth module!Last week we talked about local communities and the impact of heritage ownership. This week we will dive into the various threats to heritage, both anthropogenic as well as natural. We also have a very interesting, relevant...
  • Week 5 - Heritage protection
    Hi all! Welcome to the fifth module!Last week we discussed the various threats to heritage, both man-made as well as natural. This week we will discuss how we can actually protect cultural heritage and which measures we have at our disposal to do so. Please wa...
  • Week 6 - Inclusive heritage
    Hi all! Welcome to the sixth and last module! Did you enjoy the course thus far?Last week we talked about the opportunities we have to protect heritage. This final week we will discuss how heritage can be utilized to create an inclusive, sensitive and thoughtf...

Les intervenants

Dr. Sada Mire, Assistant Professor

Faculty of Archeology, LDE Centre for Global Heritage and Development


Le concepteur

Universiteit Leiden
Leiden University is one of Europe's foremost research universities. This prominent position gives our graduates a leading edge in applying for academic posts and for functions outside academia. Leiden University is the oldest university in the Netherlands. It was founded in February 1575, as a gift from William of Orange to the citizens of Leiden after they had withstood a long siege by the Spanish. Our motto is: Praesidium Libertatis — Bastion of Liberty.

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