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En résumé

本课程讨论人、媒介、信息在社会化媒体环境下的新规律。The course introduces students to regular patterns of interaction among people, media and information under our surrounding social media .

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Le programme

第一周:  序言  计算机信息技术的变革,是造就数字媒体,改变人、媒介、信息之间关系的核心。











1st week: Introduction. IT revolution brings up digital media and transforms the relationship among people, media & information.

2nd week: The fundamental structure of web. Social media as a platform, the framework of media, the paths of messages transition & diffusion.

3rd week: Observation and discrimination of the special crowds (communities) living in the words of social media. Introduction of useful methods & tools for identifying online communities (data analytics).

4th week: Clarifying the principles of embedding, concatenation and emergence operations in online society. Analysis the different stages in the development of community.

5th week: Emotional relationships among online crowds. Sentimental analysis in social network.

6th week: Understanding the word-of-mouth in social network; how it is engendered or formed, its dynamics, and its effects in online society, with test tools and estimate methods.

7th week: The unique effect of occupying the entrance in webs. Take APP as case-study to show the values of the terminals of mobile phones, the classification of APP, position analysis, the types of putting-on the market, customer analysis and effects, etc. of advertisement. 

8th week: PR vs. Marketing in socialnet. Net is already a popular social stage for modern public communication. Analysis the basic methods for online planning or strategy, the new standards & criteria for Big Data PR.

9th week: The importance of searching engines in the mobile epoch. The evolution of mobile searching, competition in the terminals of mobile searching, the competition in between desk & mobile search engines, users’ habits with media equipment and their effects. The current situation, perspectives and problems with applying search engines in brand communication, market promotion, etc.

10th week: Summary and discussion.


Les intervenants

  • Shian Cheng 程 士安 - Journalism School

Le concepteur

Fudan University
Founded in 1905, Fudan University is one of China’s leading research universities playing a vital role in the cultural, social and economic development of the country. It is growing into a globally influential university that attracts 35,000 students from across China and 150 countries around the world. The university offers a unique educational experience focused on broad-based, multidisciplinary learning as well as depth of study.

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