European Business Law: Understanding the Fundamentals

European Business Law: Understanding the Fundamentals

75 h
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  • Week 1 - Introduction to EU law
    Welcome to the first week of Understanding the Fundamentals. In this module we will introduce the course and give you a brief synopsis of the history and institutions of the EU. Also, we will present an overview of the Court of Justice of the EU. Finally, you ...
  • Week 2 - Legal Resources
    The second module will give you a practical introduction to the sources of EU law. The lessons will cover the available online resources and EU legal databases and how to find documents. You will also learn how to search the official journals, including the ca...
  • Week 3 - Fundamental Principles
    Module 3 covers the constitutional freedoms and fundamental principles of EU law. This includes the three categories of competence – exclusive, shared and supporting. The effects of the exercise of competence are discussed, as well as relevant case law. A ...
  • Week 4 - The Economic Freedoms
    Module 4 introduces the four freedoms, including free movement of services, goods, persons and capital. The module considers the relevant legal provisions and the key case law. It continues to introduce the right to establishment and discusses the harmonisatio...
  • Week 5 - The External Dimension
    Module 5 focuses on the common foreign policy of the EU and its institutional setup. The division of competence is discussed, followed by a review of the seven main EU institutions and players and their respective role relating to foreign policy. The module gi...




Julian Nowag
Senior Lecturer
Faculty of Law

Hans Henrik Lidgard
Senior Professor
Faculty of Law

Anna Wiberg
Faculty of Law

Eduardo Gill Pedro
Doctoral Student
Faculty of Law

Angelica Ericsson
Doctoral Student
Faculty of law

Magnus Schmauch
Faculty of Law

Jörgen Hettne
Associate Professor

Xavier Groussot
Pro Dean and Professor
Faculty of Law


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