Creative Problem Solving
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En résumé

This course deals directly with your ability for creativity which is a critical skill in any field. It focuses on divergent thinking, the ability to develop multiple ideas and concepts to solve problems. Through a series of creativity building exercises, short lectures, and readings, learners develop both an understanding of creativity and increase their own ability. This course will help you understand the role of creativity and innovation in your own work and in other disciplines. It will challenge you to move outside of your existing comfort zone and to recognize the value of that exploration. This course will help you understand the importance of diverse ideas, and to convey that understanding to others. The principal learning activity in the course is a series of "differents" where you are challenged to identify and change your own cultural, habitual, and normal patterns of behavior. Beginning with a prompt, e.g. "eat something different", you will begin to recognize your own = limits and to overcome them. In addition, you are encouraged to understand that creativity is based on societal norms, and that by it's nature, it will differ from and be discouraged by society. In this course, the persistence of the creative person is developed through practice. At the same time, these exercises are constrained by concerns of safety, legality, and economics, which are addressed in their creative process.

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Le programme

  • Week 1 - Introduction to the Course
    Creative problem solving is a skill that can be developed. It requires extensive work by learners, but the lessons, while not conveying traditional content, will change the you in ways you do not foresee, but ways which are cherished. The course is a hybrid; ...
  • Week 2 - Divergent and Convergent Thinking
    In this unit we'll look as some of the ways we can describe creativity and examine the concepts of divergent and convergent thinking. We'll look at generating more ideas, how to critique and make improvements, and continue to practice our development of ideas....
  • Week 3 - Creative Methods
    Sometimes, we need external methods to help us touch all the bases in our creative capability. Here, we'll look at a couple of good methods for helping us generate new ideas.There are a wide range of creativity exercises available; these are but a few. Finding...
  • Week 4 - Creativity and Observation
    A lot of the time, creativity can be spurred by something in the environment, triggering connections with new ideas. We react to things we have seen and our experiences; that is from where we build our new ideas.
  • Week 5 - Creativity Models and Theories
    There are a lot of different ways to examine the complex concept of creativity; we'll look at some of them and continue to build our own creativity.
  • Week 6 - Conclusion
    The goal of the course is for you to continue to develop your own creativity, in your own way and in your own life. Here are some ways to move forward.

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Brad Hokanson, PhD
College of Design

Jody Nyboer, PhD
School of Design


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University of Minnesota

L'université du Minnesota, Twin Cities est une université américaine fondée en 1851.

Elle se situe conjointement dans les villes de Minneapolis et de Saint Paul dites les « villes jumelles (Twin Cities) » de l'État du Minnesota aux États-Unis. L'université constitue la partie la plus ancienne et plus grande du système universitaire du Minnesota. Elle est souvent classée parmi les 30 meilleures universités au monde par le classement de Shanghaï (Academic Ranking of World Universities).

Son corps étudiant est le deuxième plus grand des États-Unis avec 52 557 étudiants, et un rapport de 1 professeur pour 16 étudiants. Il est situé sur deux campus dans chacune des deux villes reliés par un système d'autobus réservé à l'université. À cause de la géographie particulière du Minnesota (plus de 12 000 lacs, et des centaines de kilomètres de parcs et de forêts), l'université a une activité de recherche intense en environnement, ressources et énergies renouvelables et développement durable. Son impact économique annuel est estimée à 8,9 milliards de dollars sur l'économie locale.


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Coursera est une entreprise numérique proposant des formations en ligne ouverte à tous fondée par les professeurs d'informatique Andrew Ng et Daphne Koller de l'université Stanford, située à Mountain View, Californie.

Ce qui la différencie le plus des autres plateformes MOOC, c'est qu'elle travaille qu'avec les meilleures universités et organisations mondiales et diffuse leurs contenus sur le web.

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SO INTERESTING AND FUN. Have you ever took a stranger'S secret and propose another stranger to take that secret in exchange of one of his? This course is an opportunity to do crazy stuff like that!

le 3 mars 2016
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le 1 octobre 2017

Excellent premise, good suggestions. Some technical issues with repeated videos & lack of experience w/talking to a camera instead of a person, but nothing too distracting.

le 6 août 2017

What makes the course great is its simplisity and insights. Originally, I was not sure if the course's content will be relevant to business environment, but it proved to be more that applicable.Great content, great excercises and highly valuable concepts!P.s. sometimes oversimplified, so minus one star :)

le 16 juin 2017

This is really good Course, if we apply creative ideas in our life on our daily basis work in diffrent can understand....How much is easy to live with ppl and family friends....

le 19 février 2017

It was fun. But I think that would be great to add more various tasks and do something with the quality of the video, because sometimes it was hard to concentrate on the content.Nevertheless, it is good start to develop your creativity and open some useful tools for yourself.

le 17 février 2017

This is a fun and engaging class. I was challenged by the assignments on so many levels while taking this class. They have encouraged me to try new things even if it seems ridiculous to others. I especially liked the feedback, the constructive critiques all helped me through this course.