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En résumé

The words that you use throughout your app or site are just as important as the interaction and visual design. But the words – or copy – are often an afterthought. All too frequently we use words like “Submit” and “Cancel” on our UIs as if we’re talking to a computer and not a human. We need to bring a personal touch to the words on the screen.

This openSAP course Copywriting: Improve User Experience One Word at a Time explains why it’s vital to think about the words as part of your design. Using real-world examples, you’ll get practical advice on how to write effective and compelling copy that will delight your users.

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Le programme

In this course, you’ll learn why copy is so important for your users’ experience and how copywriting fits into the design-led development process. Domain experts provide insights and best practices, and by participating in the exercises, you’ll get practical experience in writing copy.

In This Course, You Will:

  • Gain an understanding of the term copywriting and how it fits into the design-led development process
  • Discover the importance of writing effective and compelling copy in your software
  • Get the basics of copywriting, including using natural language to speak with your audience
  • Understand the importance of terminology
  • Learn best practices and tips for writing copy, and practice those skills with weekly exercises
  • See how the copywriting process is implemented in SAP projects like Fiori

Les intervenants

Heather Halter
User Assistance Development Manager, SAP

Heather Halter has been a manager in the SAP central UA team for over 10 years. With almost 20 years in the software business, Heather has led global teams of UA and UX professionals in the transformation of information design.

She enjoys leading projects that help simplify and enhance the user experience, always keeping the user at the heart of the solution.

And :

  • Andrea Anderson
  • Bill Beard
  • Sam Yen
  • Doug Savage
  • Crystal Ngai
  • Sophia Marx
  • Leslie MacKay
  • Kieran Turley
  • Susanne Wilding
  • Sandra Chinoporos
  • Elaina Williamson

Le concepteur

OpenSAP propose des cours MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) à toutes les personnes désireuses de se former aux dernières innovations de SAP et d'apprendre à survivre dans l'économie numérique. Les cours openSAP Enterprise MOOC reprennent les concepts éprouvés des salles de classe, y compris la ludification, et les forums de discussion pour interagir avec des pairs et experts, dans un format en ligne.

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