Assessment and Teaching of 21st Century Skills (Coursera)
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Learn about ways to assess and teach new and emerging 21st century skills: we cover the nature of these skills, alternative methods of assessment, interpretation and reporting of assessments, and their implications for teaching.

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Le programme

Education and work are changing as a result of technology and its influence in the workplace. We now have new ways of working, new tools for working, new ways of living and even new ways of thinking as a result of the influence of technology on life, work and leisure. In the workplace, more workers are needed in multi-tasking, information and communications-based employment. Entrants to workplaces need skills to function effectively in this environment that have not traditionally been taught in our schools and universities. In this course, we identify some of these complex skills, and select one to examine in detail - collaborative problem solving - that combines both cognitive and social aspects and requires the ability to use and build knowledge. It is widely regarded by industry as one of the skills lacking in young people and graduates as they struggle to secure stable employment. In some countries the unemployment rates of graduates exceeds 50%. The new skills - often erroneously called soft skills - are not being developed in schools or universities and in many cases when they are, there is uncertainty regarding how to assess and teach them. In times of great change, when uncertainties dominate thinking about education and work, the result is often a paralysis in education and a reversion to rudimentary approaches to assessment that fail to inform directed learning and teaching. In this course we will focus on the nature of 21st century skills and their assessment, with a link to teaching styles and approaches suitable for a classroom in the 21st century.  

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