MOOC : Massive Open Online Courses

Learning lives its revolution. The massive arrival of MOOCs in recent years in our daily lives allows everyone to learn on multiple topics, regardless of country or level of education. Whether for personal motivation or to enrich his CV, MOOCs are now a good alternative to conventional training. They allow you to train at your own pace, anywhere and at a lower cost.

This online learning format was born from the initiative of major American universities like Harvard or MIT. Thanks to the MOOCs, it is now possible to access the knowledge delivered by the most prestigious institutions around the world.

MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Courses. In French, this means that these courses, offered by schools and universities, or businesses, are accessible to everyone for free on the Internet. MOOCs are open and bring together thousands of people. Better than e-learning and simple tutorials, MOOCs have the advantage of creating a strong interactivity between learners, but also with stakeholders.

After following a MOOC and fulfilling the expectations of the teaching team (results in quizzes, projects/assignments, peer evaluations), you will obtain a certificate of achievement. Be aware, however, that once registered, there is no obligation to finish a MOOC if it does not meet your expectations, or seems too difficult.

Why follow a MOOC?

Get a certificate

On My Mooc, we clearly indicate on the MOOC description page if it is possible or not to obtain a certificate after completing a MOOC.

The issue of a certificate of follow-up/certificate is often free. To fight against cheating, some institutions have implemented authenticated certificates, but they necessarily require a financial contribution (exam monitored by webcam).

All the platforms on which you will be redirected from our portal have their own policy regarding the attribution of the certificates. Award procedures and prices are specified on the MOOC registration page.

Register for a MOOC

Registering for a MOOC is very simple! On each MOOC file presented on our portal you have the "Access to the course" button, it redirects you to the partner platform hosting the course. It will be sufficient to follow the instructions to create an account and take your MOOC.