S.Marniesse : Universalité sectorielle des ODD, tous les domaines sont couverts

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Created in June 2005, the Environment and Sustainable Development Virtual University (UVED) is one of seven Thematic Digital Universities (UNT) supported by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research.
Despite its name, a Thematic Digital University is not a university in itself, as it does not award degrees or enrol students.

UNTs do not replace the institutions themselves. Their mission, as part of a nationwide pooling of resources, is to develop, produce, distribute and make widely accessible to students and teachers scientifically validated digital teaching resources.

After more than five years of activity as an association, UVED's legal status has changed to that of a partnership foundation to enable it to broaden and strengthen its activities, in particular by bringing together public and private institutions. The order authorising the creation of the UVED Partnership Foundation was published in Bulletin Officiel No. 28 of 14 July 2011 by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, marking the birth of the Foundation.


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