The art of ultra luxury hospitality with Frank Marrenbach
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date_range Published on March 12, 2020
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"Let us treat you with some very special insights into the mind of a hotelier, who embodies luxury hospitality like very few others. Frank Marrenbach, CEO of the Oetker Collection came to the show and talked to us about the current state of ultra luxury hotels, what it takes to run such properties and what the future has in store for them. A true veteran of hospitality excellence, Frank has previously served at the Brenner's Park Hotel in Baden Baden, Germany as GM, before taking over the entire Oetker Collection as CEO - clearly a gentleman, who knows stuff about all things luxury tourism related, with some impressive stories to tell. Enjoy the show. PS. We also made a shocking discovery in this episode: CEOs apparently can be completely easy-going, fun and engaging, whilst being nowhere near as distant as their image or title may suggest." 

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