Limitless Growth Through Immersive Learning
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Don't you feel sometime that the world you live in now is different from the world that you wished a few years back? Isn't it hard to keep the pace with this fast changing world? How are we suppose to walk with this world? Yes, we need to think differently. Watch Mr. Mohsin Memon talk about the idea of thinking differently so that even we can walk ahead of this world. Mr. Mohsin Memon is a high skilled certified L&D professional who has influenced and changed work environments in many reputed organizations like Motorola, Reliance, GroupM and GIA, using game based learning (immersive learning) and gamification. Coming from a multicultural background his talent to adjust to different environments and help build workplace leadership skills comes naturally to him. He and his organization are dedicated to redefining the way people learn and providing Immersive learning solutions for Human Resource development industry. Currently writing The Preparedness Equation– Book, he believes in the idea that people have the potential to be great if they know how to truly prepare themselves to take advantage of the opportunity when it does come. He considers his work a labour of love as he is driven by the idea that each person has greatness within him/her. 

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