Teambuilding Essentials

Teambuilding Essentials
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Why start this Playlist?

The success of a manager is highly dependent on a team. To wisely guide a team and lead it to achieve objectives, managers should develop specific knowledge and skills. The aim of the course is to provide learners with a versatile understanding of teambuilding, and its main components such as internal communication, meetings, brainstorming session, team vision, feedback and so on.

Learning objectives

Upon completion of this playlist, you will be able to:

  1. Choose efficient team communication strategies
  2. Conduct more productive meetings and brainstorming
  3. Create a concise and clear project vision statement 
  4. Deliver different types of feedback to improve employee performance


No prerequisites: this Playlist does not require any special knowledge to start.

Playlist Content

Skill 1 Skill 1

How to improve team communication?

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Skill 2 Skill 2

How to make team meetings more productive?

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Skill 3 Skill 3

Creating a shared vision that inspires your team

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Skill 4 Skill 4

Why is feedback needed

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