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Why start this Playlist?

Public speaking is, probably, one of the most essential skills to perfect in order to boost career prospects. A good speaker is also a good communicator who is able to convey a clear message not simply to an individual but to a group of people. Those managers who are able to engage and impact their audience undeniably achieve success in business and earn recognition among colleagues. In the learning program, you will be offered to study the principles of public speaking and take a close look at the most common mistakes inexperienced speakers make.

Learning objectives 

Upon completion of this playlist, you will be able to:

  1. Describe the essential principles of public speaking
  2. Explain how to effectively interact with an audience
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of good body language
  4. Apply effective PowerPoint skills 


No prerequisites: this Playlist does not require any special knowledge to start.

Playlist Content

Skill 1 Skill 1

Understanding the principles of public speaking

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Skill 2 Skill 2

Interaction with the audience

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Skill 3 Skill 3

A master of body language

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Skill 4 Skill 4

Essential Powerpoint Skills

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