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Now that you've learned to program with Python, make your code clean, readable, easy to modify, and resistant to bugs by applying the PEP 8 style guide for Python, a few key design patterns (including MVC), and the SOLID principles.

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To succeed in this course, you will need an introductory knowledge of Python programming, which you can acquire with the following course:

  • Learn Programming With Python



Part 1 - Write Clear Code Using PEP 8 Guidelines
1. Write Python Code That Explains Itself
2. Write Python Code That’s Easy to Read
3. Write Bug-Repellent Python Code
4. Use Linters to Keep Your Code Tidy
Quiz: Apply the PEP 8 Style Guide to Python Code

Part 2 - Solve Common Programming Problems With Design Patterns in Python
1. Build Complex Systems With the Help of Design Patterns
2. Avoid Confusion With the Constant Design Pattern
3. Create Flexible Functions With the Decorator Design Pattern
4. Structure an Application With the MVC Design Pattern
5. Implement the Model for Your Application
6. Implement the Controller and View for Your Application
Quiz: Solve Common Programming Problems With Design Patterns in Python

Part 3 - Apply the SOLID Principles to Python Code
1. Discover Good Programming Practices With the SOLID Principles
2. "S" for the Single Responsibility Principle
3. "O" for the Open/Closed Principle
4. "L" for the Liskov Substitution Principle
5. "I" for the Interface Segregation Principle
6. "D" for the Dependency Inversion Principle
7. Avoid STUPID Practices in Programming
Quiz: Apply the SOLID Design Principles to Python Code

Part 4 - Congratulations!
1. Course Summary




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