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About the content

The first volume of the MOOC “Tourism Management at UNESCO World Heritage Sites” was published on FUN MOOC back in January 2018. It attracted the attention of more than 6’500 learners from 166 countries and provided insights into UNESCO’s principles and doctrines, Communication Technologies, Economy, Management and Planning, and more.

Thanks to its success, the UNESCO-UNITWIN Network “Culture, Tourism, and Development” has decided to launch a brand new second volume of the MOOC, with six new chapters (see “Course Schedule”).

This second volume is designed and run by an international network of universities: highly profiled researchers and professors share their knowledge with you in an accessible way on tourism at UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Tailored to policy makers, site managers, students and people active in the tourism industry, this new volume provides an introduction to tourism at UNESCO World Heritage Sites: focus of the course are heritage communication, management and marketing.

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The MOOC is open to everyone wishing to learn more about how tourism works at UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It has, however, a special focus on professional figures such as academics, site managers, state agencies, and other professionals involved in tourism.

It is NOT necessary to have completed the first volume of this MOOC in order to register to the current course. For interested first-time participants, the “Tourism Management at UNESCO World Heritage Sites” MOOC manual, which gathers all chapter documents of the first volume, will be available for download at the start of the course.



  • Week 1 : Tourism Marketing
  • Week 2 : Site Management Systems
  • Week 3 : Behavior and Satisfaction on World Heritage Sites
  • Week 4 : Historical Memories and Tourism on World Heritage Sites
  • Week 5 : Religious Tourism
  • Week 6 : Tourism in World Heritage Cities


Maria Gravari-Barbas

Lorenzo Cantoni

Silvia Aulet Serrallonga

Aleksandra Brezovec

Žana Čivre

Alfredo Conti

Fernanda Cravidão

Neus Crous Costa

Silvia De Ascaniis

Laura Fuentes-Moraleda

Ana Muñoz-Mazón

Paulo Nossa

Pamela Palmi

Marie Permingeat

Maria Irene Prete

Edna Rozo

Nancy Rocío Rueda-Esteban

Clara Inés Sánchez Arciniegas

Norberto Santos

Anna Trono

Dominique Vanneste

Marta Lucía Vélez Rivas

Maria Dolors Vidal Casellas

Teresa Villacé-Molinero

Petra Zabukovec Baruca


Content Designer

Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

Pantheon-Sorbonne University (French: Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne), also known as "La Sorbonne" and "Paris I", is a public research university in Paris, France. It focuses on the areas of law, humanities, political science, social sciences, economics, logic and finance. It is the main inheritor of the world's second oldest academic institution, the University of Paris, shortly before the latter officially ceased to exist on December 31, 1970, as a consequence of the French cultural revolution of 1968, often referred to as "the French May".





France Université Numérique is the broadcaster of the online courses of French higher education institutions and their partners.

It operates several platforms of diffusion, of which the best known, FUN MOOC, is the first French-speaking academic platform worldwide. Thanks to many partner institutions, this platform offers a vast catalog of courses enriched daily with various themes and current events.

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