The Science of Generosity: Do Good...Feel Good
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About the content

What does it mean to be generous? Can doing good actually make you feel good?

In this course, we’ll hear from multiple experts and explore the many facets of generosity by looking closely at the meanings, traits, and motivations behind giving behaviors across communities and cultures. We’ll discuss how generosity contributes to our own happiness and well-being as well as the happiness and well-being of our loved ones, our local communities, and our global society. 

We won’t just talk about generosity; you’ll be able to do good and feel good -- without spending lots of time or money. You’ll have multiple opportunities for both doing and feeling good throughout the course and you’ll create a giving plan that helps you continue your generous acts into the future.

What you will learn

  • Why “doing good” results in “feeling good”
  • Ways to demonstrate generosity in your everyday life
  • Strategies for continued giving that doesn't require a lot of time or money but results in high impact

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  • Module 1: Generosity: Your Way, My Way, or Is There Another Way?
  • Module 2: Why Are People Generous?
  • Module 3: Feeling Good by Doing Good
  • Module 4: Facilitating Generosity in Yourself and in Others


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