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About the content

We prepare high school teachers for teaching descriptive statistics. Teachers will learn basic principles for summarizing data in meaningful ways. Satellite videos will discuss pedagogy and teach statistical software via examples spanning pop culture, sports, health and other topics suitable for high school classrooms.

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This class is taught in three units over 5 weeks

  1. Getting started with data (1 week)
  2. Single variable graphics and number summaries (1 week)
  3. Graphics and number summaries describing the relationship between two variables (2 weeks)
  4. Review (1 week)
The full list of topics are as follows:

Unit 1, Getting Started with Data
  • 01_01 Introduction
  • 01_02 Data, Variables, Unit of Observation/Analysis
Unit 2, Single Variable Description
  • 02_01 Graphics:  Histogram, Boxplot
  • 02_02 Number Summaries: Center
  • 02_03 Number Summaries: Spread
  • 02_04 Transformation and Standardization
  • 02_05 Bell-shaped Curves
Unit 3, Describing Relationships Between Two Variables
  • 03_01 Two Categorical Variables: Mosaic Plots
  • 03_02 Two Categorical Variables: Contingency Tables
  • 03_03 One Categorical, One Numeric Variable: Side by Side Boxplots
  • 03_04 Two Categorical Variables: Correlation
  • 03_05 Two Numeric Variables: Regression
  • 03_06:03_09  Review of entire course


  • Dalene Stangl - Statistical Science
  • Kate Allman - Program in Education
  • Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel - Department of Statistical Science

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