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About the content

Statistics One is a comprehensive yet friendly introduction to statistics.

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Lecture Topics
  • Lecture 1: Experimental research 
  • Lecture 2: Correlational research 
  • Lecture 3: Variables and distributions 
  • Lecture 4: Summary statistics 
  • Lecture 5: Correlation 
  • Lecture 6: Measurement 
  • Lecture 7: Introduction to regression 
  • Lecture 8: Null Hypothesis Significance Tests (NHST) 
  • Lecture 9: Central limit theorem 
  • Lecture 10: Confidence intervals
  • Lecture 11: Multiple regression 
  • Lecture 12: Multiple regression continued          
  • Lecture 13: Moderation 
  • Lecture 14: Mediation 
  • Lecture 15: Group comparisons (t-tests) 
  • Lecture 16: Group comparisons (ANOVA) 
  • Lecture 17: Factorial ANOVA 
  • Lecture 18: Repeated measures ANOVA 
  • Lecture 19: Chi-square 
  • Lecture 20 Binary logistic regression 
  • Lecture 21: Assumptions revisited (correlation and regression) 
  • Lecture 22: Generalized Linear Model 
  • Lecture 23: Assumptions revisited (t-tests and ANOVA) 
  • Lecture 24: Non-parametrics (Mann-Whitney U, Kruskal-Wallis) 

Lab Topics:
  • Lab 1: Download and install R 
  • Lab 2: Histograms and summary statistics           
  • Lab 3: Scatterplots and correlations          
  • Lab 4: Regression 
  • Lab 5: Confidence intervals 
  • Lab 6: Multiple regression 
  • Lab 7: Moderation and mediation 
  • Lab 8: Group comparisons (t-tests, ANOVA, post-hoc tests) 
  • Lab 9: Factorial ANOVA 
  • Lab 10: Chi-square 
  • Lab 11: Non-linear regression (Binary logistic and Poisson) 
  • Lab 12: Non-parametrics (Mann-Whitney U and Kruskal-Wallis) 



  • Andrew Conway - Psychology

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