Scandinavian Film and Television

Scandinavian Film and Television

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  • Week 1 - Contemporary Scandinavian Film and TV Culture and Dreyer's Classical Cinema
    This module consists of two lessons. The first lesson offers an introduction to main trends in the contemporary Scandinavian film and television culture, focusing – among other things – on how the national film and television cultures relate to ideas of the we...
  • Week 2 - Ingmar Bergman and Lars von Trier
    'The Seventh Seal', 'Persona' and 'Cries and Whispers' are just some of the famous films by the acclaimed Swedish director Ingmar Bergman. The third lesson focuses on issues of influences, themes and style in his films as well as on Bergman's importance for th...
  • Week 3 - New Wave, Art Cinema and Social Drama
    Many people have heard of the French new wave cinema, 'la nouvelle vague'. The fifth lesson deals with the main tendencies of the Scandinavian new wave cinema and some of its 'auteurs'. The sixth lesson focuses on different tendencies in the Scandinavian art f...
  • Week 4 - Documentary and Early TV Drama
    Scandinavian cinema has a long history of strong documentary film making. The seventh lesson moves from the early documentary filmmakers to the contemporary – global and digital – scene for Scandinavian documentaries. Television drama is important for the Scan...
  • Week 5 - Modern TV Drama and the Digital Revolution
    With 'Nordic Noir' such as 'Wallander' and 'Forbrydelsen/The Killing' becoming a 'brand' in the 2010s, some 'Scandi crime' series were suddenly of interest to international as well as national audiences. The ninth lesson focuses on Scandinavian television dram...




Eva Novrup Redvall
Associate Professor
Department of Media, Cognition and Communication


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