Sagas and Space - Thinking Space in Viking Age and Medieval Scandinavia

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Week 1  

Introduction and course overview: space asa key element of narration and representation

Week 2                                        

Constructing mythological space: Eddiccosmography

Sources: Prose-Edda, Poetic Edda

Week 3                      

Discovering new spaces: geographical andsocial aspects; memory and space

Sources: Sagas (Grænlendinga saga, Eiríks saga rauða)

Week 4                              

Cosmography: descriptions of the world intexts

Sources: Leiðarvísir (Itinerary of Nikulas)

Week 5                          

Mapping the World: Cartography

Sources: Carta Marina

Week 6 

Spatiality in visual media

Sources: picture-stones, runicinscriptions, paintings, woodcarvings, manuscripts

Week 7 



Week 8 Language and space: spatial thinking inlanguage; place names


Conclusion and outlook




  • Sandra Schneeberger - Deutsches Seminar, Abteilung für Nordische Philologie
  • Jürg Glauser - Deutsches Seminar, Abteilung für Nordische Philologie, University of Zurich


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