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Discover how service management can help you to better serve and understand your customers - with this online course from the Hanken School of Economics.

Today an increasing number of companies compete on service, not product. As a result, understanding a service-based approach to business is essential - even for product-based businesses.

On this course you’ll learn the latest thinking in service management, exploring a service-centric perspective to marketing and management. You’ll examine service as a business model, the value creation process, customer perceived quality and promise management.

Ultimately, you’ll discover how service-based thinking can help you better serve your customer, and overcome a range of business challenges.

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This course would be particularly relevant to business professionals and managers interested in the potential of adopting a service-based strategy, whether their firms are currently operating in an industrial or consumer context, or a manufactured goods or services context. It is also relevant for business students wishing to specialise in service management and marketing.



Week 1 - Service as a perspective on business
Week 2 - The importance of service orientation
Week 3 - A profitable service business
Week 4 - Managing a service business
Week 5 - From manufacturing to service (logic)



Christian Grönroos
Professor emeritus at Hanken School of Economics. Internationally respected specialist in service management. Received the honourary title Legend in Marketing for his research in service management.

Gustav Medberg
Researcher and teacher at the Centre for Relationship Marketing and Service Management (CERS), Department of Marketing, Hanken School of Economics. Expert on service management and marketing.

Valeria Penttinen
Doctoral Student at the Centre for Relationship Marketing and Service Management (CERS), Department of Marketing, Hanken School of Economics.


Content Designer

Hanken School of Economics

Hanken School of Economics is a leading internationally accredited Finnish university with operations in Helsinki and Vaasa, Finland. It is one of the oldest business schools in the Nordic countries, with over 100 years of experience in education and research in economics and business administration. The research is of a high standard and constitutes the foundation of all teaching.

Hanken has some 2,500 students representing more than 40 nationalities, adding to its already multi-lingual study environment. Hanken promotes openness among students and staff and its professors are available to give support and guidance. Its students are a tight-knit group and social ties are strengthened through the activities of the student union SHS.

Hanken has more than 13,500 alumni, working in leading positions in more than 70 different countries. The alumni are highly competitive and appreciated on the job market and 95% have a job within three months of graduation. In addition to getting a high-quality degree, Hanken alumni become part of a lifelong network with excellent opportunities for both professional and personal development.

Hanken works in close cooperation with the business world and society in order to bring corporate relevance to both research and education. Through its efficient corporate connections, Hanken’s students have excellent contacts to prospective employers.




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It is a company launched and wholly owned by The Open University in Milton Keynes, England. It is the first UK-led massive open online course learning platform, and as of March 2015 included 54 UK and international University partners and unlike similar platforms includes four non-university partners: the British Museum, the British Council, the British Library and the National Film and Television School.

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